Blinds, Shutters and Curtains

At RJP Design and Décor, we know that the right blinds, shutters or curtains can be the finishing touch that transforms your space from ordinary to extraordinary. We’re here to make sure you get it right, and we understand that the details matter.

We’re not just interior designers; we’re masters of ambiance and atmosphere. The importance of finishing a room correctly cannot be overstated – it can make or break the entire space. Our team of skilled designers has a passion for selecting the perfect window treatments that blend aesthetics, functionality, and personal style seamlessly.

Our custom-made blinds, shutters and curtains are of a high quality but at competitive prices. We have a wide range of fabrics, screens, timber colours, and finishes that you can choose from, for all types of applications such as high moisture areas, high UV exposure and coastal salt air.

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