“Our services are flexible to meet your needs.”

Embarking on renovations or building of new homes can be a daunting process. There are so many things to think about, select and make decisions on; your hard-earned money is being spent and you are worried about your choices.

Our job is to assist you through this process, help translate your thoughts, wants and visions into an achievable big picture result that you will love. Depending on your project and budget, will depend on how involved you want us to be – our services are flexible to meet your needs.

We always start with an initial consultation and depending on your needs, will depend on the outcome. If you are wanting some tips and advice to get you on track and complete yourself “DIY” then this initial consultation might be enough for you; however, if you are embarking on a renovation of your kitchen or bathroom and require a custom design and selection of finishes, then from this initial consultation we will be able to establish the scope and be able to provide a proposal of fees moving forward.

Our proposal of fees is set out, with our clients in mind, in stages with payment required before moving to the next stage. This helps you manage your budget and if any unforeseen circumstances occur that affect the budget, timeframe or outcome of the project then we have the flexibility to adjust where required.