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Rosanna Pappalardo of RJP Design and Décor

Welcome to
RJP Design and Décor

We work with you to develop beautiful interiors that reflect your personality and complement your lifestyle, so you can love where you live now and into the future.

RJP Design and Décor are qualified Kitchen Designers with a huge passion for design and designing unique kitchens for their clients to enjoy!

Kitchens big or small, brand new or a freshen up of existing, we cater for all spaces and requirements so consider us for your kitchen project!

RJP Design and Décor are qualified Bathroom Designers with a huge passion for design, interiors and unique bathrooms for their clients to enjoy!

We all can have our little slice of serenity in our own homes.  A bathroom makeover or complete remodel.  An outdoor bath to soak in and watch the sunset.  A retreat away from the kids.  We can cater for ALL, so consider us for your Bathroom project!

Changing a wall colour or even accessorising differently can dramatically change the look and feel of a space without breaking the budget.

Colour and position of furniture or accessories can change how you feel or what others feel in the space. It can change what activity or function the space holds.

Even more of a reason to get some guidance from us and simplify how you can create the space you want!

There are so many things to think of when renovating or building a house.  Apart from organising professional trades to do the job, there is the process of selecting colours, products and finishes from exterior roofing to interior data outlets.

RJP Design and Décor can make this process simple and easy for any size, budget or timeframe, so take the first step and give us a call!

RJP Design and Décor can help you add value to your home by transforming it into a buyer’s dream. Enhancing the best features of your home and giving it a fresh style and charm, which will increase the potential of a prompt and profitable sale.

So if you are planning to renovate, building a new home/development, moving into a new place or simply wanting to add a special touch to your current place, contact us to arrange a consultation.

Custom made blinds, curtains or shutters to complete your interior spaces or outdoor rooms!

RJP Design and Décor can provide a no obligation custom-measure and quote on interior or exterior applications of blinds, shutters or curtains.  Even more of a reason to give us a call!

"We knew that our house was looking dated and needed a refresh but we didn’t know where to start. Rosanna from RJP Design and Décor broke the process down into affordable portions we could manage. Visitors to our house always compliment our renovations, and we love our great new look – largely thanks to RJP Design and Decor."

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