Some general rules of thumb for clearing clutter are

Depending on the type of clutter, sometimes the clutter is due to lack of storage so giving it a permanent home and storing in a labelled box with a lid is one way to clear clutter. If the clutter is a little more complicated, then clearing it will be an emotional and physical one, so you need to be kind to yourself. Some general rules I would recommend:

  1. Don’t clear clutter when you are angry or frustrated as you are not considering your actions as clearly!
  2. Always good to have some music playing or a nice smell in the room as it will engage your senses and make it a pleasant task to do. And natural light!! Natural light does wonders for you physically and emotionally wellbeing.
  3. Be clear about why you are clearing clutter and why you have been storing the item/s. Understanding this will assist with you being clear on what you want to do with it.
  4. If the clutter is something you haven’t looked at, used or has no sentimental value for a period of 6-12 months (I use this timeline as you might only use something in a particular season or time of year) then it’s time to go! However, to deal with the process of letting it go, think about who might like it, benefit from it, etc and that will help with the emotional attachment as it feels wonderful giving it to someone in need or would enjoy having it.

Natural light does wonders for you physically and emotionally wellbeing.

Storage spaces are often undervalued, and you can create more without spending a fortune – check it out here!

Space is something every room, home or workplace has; and more often than not you are paying for it some way or another! Space can be useful big or small and I think why it is often undervalued is society is in a “big thinking-mode”; however, it is starting to change! It used to be big rooms, big houses, etc but now houses are being built on small blocks but still have the useful storage solutions and plenty of it! It takes more to think about how to use a small space than a large space because the smaller it gets the more you need to challenge yourself to think outside the box so to speak!

To create more storage space without spending a fortune my advice would be to step back and look at the space – what shape is it, what can you store there, what’s needed to make it work, like a box, basket, shelf, cupboard, etc. There is no hard and fast rules but lots of items already in your home could become the storage device like a jar, shoe box, suitcase, hanging rod, etc Look at items around the house before spending money on the space as you might be able to resolve it with time rather than money.

Create more storage space without spending a fortune.

Saying goodbye to winter and hello to warm Spring days, here are some ways you can use furniture and décor to invite in the outdoors

There are so many ways to invite in the outdoors into your home, and furniture and décor are the easiest, most versatile items to do it with! I generally suggest to clients when buying major pieces of furniture to buy in neutral tones so that you can accessorize with the Seasons!

Decluttering is a big contributor that will welcome Spring, warmth and energy into your home so this would be the starting point. If you have a window in the space, I would open it – move heavy curtains, lift blinds and expose the room to the sunlight and the greenery outside.

Position furniture to be enjoyed in the sunlight like occasional chairs and a small coffee table, or have the furniture facing out to a garden, water feature or even just an ornamental tree. Don’t have a garden outside then bring it inside – small potted plants on coffee tables, side tables, buffets or even artificial plants in baskets (if you are not a plant person)

Introduce bright colours which add vibrancy to your space but if you have a colour-phobia then use the colour in small amounts like a couple of cushions, throw rug, ornament on the coffee table. Less is more! Add a pattern and generally any pattern like geometric, floral or abstract – anything to create energy in the space.

Use the colour in small amounts like a couple of cushions, throw rug, ornament on the coffee table. Less is more! .

Some ways to spruce up a room for Spring with a budget of $100 are

A couple of accent cushions that might have a splash of colour or pattern to create energy!

  • A plant whether small, large, real or artificial and put in a cute pot or basket that may have colour or texture to create interest.
  • Decluttering doesn’t cost a dime, and this will spruce up a room straight away!

Tips for reconfiguring a room to maximise its use are

  • Select furniture that has dual purpose like a lounge that opens up to a bed, ottoman with a lid for storage, etc
  • Looking at the height of the space as well as the width and create storage or furniture that can make use of the ceiling or wall space.
  • Look at making some furniture mobile with wheels or create storage solutions behind artwork or televisions
  • Create zones using rugs or positioning furniture to define a space for certain activities

Décor items that give a room an instant Spring feel are

  • Cushions – colours and patterns create energy which is the same feeling when Spring comes and everything grows and comes out of hibernation.
  • Plants – they are a natural thing. It cleanses your air you breathe, gives life to a space with its living energy. Artificial plants can give a similar feeling but in an artificial way – more through your own senses and memory.
  • Oil Diffusers – they provide a fresh smell which creates vibrancy and energy
  • Basically, anything that makes you use your senses to enjoy – sight, smell, feel!