1. Choosing the Right Paint Product

When choosing paint for your child’s room its important you choose a brand that can withstand the everyday sticky fingers, active play or drawing adventures. Any paint shop attendant or painter for that matter would be able to assist you in your selection. Another point to consider before deciding on your paint is the plan for this room for example how long you expect the colour scheme to last.

2. Choosing the Right Wall Medium

There is no wrong or right when choosing your colour scheme for your child’s bedroom. It’s important to keep in mind that your child’s room should make them feel safe and protected at all times. A colour scheme can be dictated by the theme you want to achieve in the room, the lighting, size, age or gender of your child.

Ideally, a child’s bedroom should be a place where they can rest and have time out; with a separate room for them to be active and play with their toys and friends. Having this ideal set up, the bedroom can be decorated with softer colour schemes to encourage rest and sleep; and the playroom can be decorated with bright, bold colour schemes to encourage activities and brain stimulation. Inspiration at all times when planning your child’s room, should reflect their personality, hopes and dreams.

The colour scheme in nurseries should be pale, pastel colours. Traditionally light blues or greens for boys; light pink or yellow for girls. The colour scheme for toddlers to early teens can be more themed around an interest or favourite colour. Mid to late teens is a difficult age and the colour scheme should revolve around neutral colourings to allow for them to mature and grow into adulthood

Vinyl Decals

A new craze in assisting simple themes for children’s rooms is vinyl decals. This is a quick and easy addition to any theme. There are many neutral options, as well as decals that are orientated around gender.

The vinyl decals can be used right from the start in the nursery room right through to late teenage years. They create a fun, active interior for your children to grow in and the transformation they create in a room is well worth the value especially as a DIY aspect.

3. Window Coverings

Soft treatments on windows makes such a difference to the theme or inspiration in a child’s room. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy just colourful, durable and light filtering and/or block out. It’s important to get the right type of covering for the window/s to enhance the room’s theme but more importantly to ensure the lighting levels are managed for rest, privacy and for play.

The window covering can be simple like a roller blind or curtain made from a fun, animated or colourful fabric; or you can get quite imaginative and use an unusual item to enhance your theme. For example, in a boys room decorated in a sporting theme you could have a rowing ore or fishing rod as the rod to attach the curtain; or for a girl’s room you could decorate your roller blind with a fringing of beads or ribbons.

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