6 Facts about Interior Designers

The cliché that Interior Designers are for the rich and famous or those with a lot of money is not necessarily true. In reality they can save you a great deal of time and money regardless of your financial status!

Hiring a professional Interior Designer can help you avoid costly mistakes that will help you save money and increase the value of your home.

A designer will give you a professional assessment of your situation and can create a design plan to use existing furniture and introducing new pieces.

Having a designer engaged for your project will keep you on budget and save you time and money in relation to your home. Researching and sourcing of products and trades can be a tedious job and can take up a lot of time when personally involved, so having a neutral person will help with seeing things in a different perspective.

When building or renovating a home, the designer can liaise between you, and the builder to ensure the end result is achieved for all parties.

Designers have vendor resources as well as home improvement industry contacts which will save you time and stress trying to identify reliable and suitably qualified contractors and suppliers.

Interior Designer vs Decorator

Often confused within the industry and consumer understanding – what is the difference between an Interior Designer and Interior Decorator?

  • A good interior designer will have a formal qualification of design from a Registered Training Organisation as well as at least 5 years industry experience.
  • An interior designer can play the role of a decorator as well as have knowledge and experience of construction, project management, documentation and the Australian Building Codes and Standards.
  • An interior decorator is defined as someone that accessorizes interior spaces with colour and soft furnishings including lighting, furniture, and space planning. Interior Decorators manage what is ‘on the surface’ and does not get involved with demolition or construction roles.  

"We were more than happy with Rosanna’s creative ideas and designs. The refurbishment of our seaside unit looks fabulous! Rosanna was professional, accommodating of our needs and time constraints and very pleasant to deal with."

Neil and Gwen Wetzig